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Inbound Tourism in the UK: Wales

Next in our inbound tourism series, Sunshine PR is looking at somewhere very close to our hearts - our home country of Wales. As one of the most vital sectors in the World’s economy, tourism is also one of the most profitable and most valuable sectors in Wales with a rapidly growing number of visitors and spending in country. This emerging sector is supporting hundreds of thousands of service-sector jobs and greatly contributing to the overall Welsh economy.

With a strong cultural heritage and beautiful scenery, Wales is one of the leading regions in the UK in terms of tourism potential. Visitors can combine activities like hiking in the mountains, surfing in National parks and kayaking in the sea with visiting ancient monuments, exploring museums and enjoying art galleries with some of the best collections in the world. This makes Wales the perfect place for almost every type of visit and for almost every visitor profile - and you need to ensure your marketing reflects this!

How many tourists visit Wales each year?

Although Wales was always a place that had a lot to offer to its visitors, tourism has really blossomed in the last 5 years with spectacular results in terms of visits and visitor spending. In 2017, Wales marked a total number of 10.1 million visits spending over £2 billion in total.

Most of the visitors mentioned in the numbers above are visitors from within Great Britain who make 89.3% of all the visits to Wales and are responsible for 81.5% of all the spending.

The results and importance of inbound tourism for Wales

As above, domestic visitors are key to the Wales tourism sector but within this article we want to focus more on “inbound tourism in Wales”. This generally includes all activities performed by visitors who are not GB residents, who are visiting Wales for a period of time longer than 24 hours. Inbound tourism is considered a lot more beneficial to a country’s economy, mainly due to the spend of overseas visitors versus domestic visitors.

During 2017 Wales had a total number of 1.08 million inbound visits, 0.5% more than in 2016 with a consecutive growth since 2013. That same 1.08 million inbound visitors have spent a total of £369 million in Wales during 2017.

We’ve already noted that almost 90% of all the visits in Wales are domestic, but it’s important to highlight that they brought in just over 80% of the total spend. This show us that inbound tourists (on average) spend 89% more money on their trips to Wales compared to the visitor from around Great Britain! This clearly means that marketing to capture inbound travellers can be of great value to tourism businesses in Wales.

This number makes one of the most valuable answers to the question what is the value of inbound tourism to Wales. It’s quite simple: inbound tourists simply spend more money and are more likely to pay for services and products during their stay in Wales, which consequently supports local business growth, along with many other benefits.

Let inbound tourism help your business grow Here at Sunshine PR we have huge experience with inbound tourism to Wales, our founder Kat Colling being named 2018’s Young Tourism Person of the Year by Visit Wales at the National Tourism Awards for Wales.

We can help with business strategy and planning, content and marketing strategies, website design, content creation, social media management, SEO and more… all while guiding you through to ensure you can replicate yourself in the future! We want to help you reach your goal in tourism, and to help you tie in with existing marketing campaigns to get the most reach possible such as Visit Wales' 2019 #YearofDiscovery campaign. Why not sign up today to receive our marketing newsletter, and receive a free consultation on your marketing strategy? This is part of our inbound tourism series. Check out our guide to inbound tourism in Northern England too!

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